More about Parys Mountain

This page contains additional information about Parys Mountain which together with Amlwch Port formed “The Copper Kingdom”.

Additional Videos:-

Fred Dibnah visited the mountain in his series about the industrial revolution.

March the 2nd 2013, exactly two hundred and forty-five years to the day after the first productive lode of copper ore was discovered on the mountain by Roland Pugh. This is a short video of the lighting of the first fire in the magnificent new chimney at the Pearl Engine house, the remains of a Cornish beam engine pump. The original fell down in about 1986, and the Amlwch Industrial Heritage Trust have used grant funding to rebuild the Chimney.

The first photographed underground trip between Parys and Mona mines since the passage ways were rediscovered in 2009.

Aerial view over Parys Mountain

“The oldest existing mine in the world”

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