It was the Bronze aged miner who first discovered copper on Parys mountain near Amlwch in Anglesey North Wales.

Many years later the Romans may also have explored the area for copper.

However it was the Industrial Revolution begining in the mis 18 century which saw the most extensive search for and discovery of ore on the mountain.

The Copper mines at Parys Mountain had a 30 year history where they came to dominate the world’s copper market under the management of Thomas Williams.

Under his leadership new markets for copper where deleveoped and a vast industrial empire was formed.

The need to transport copper from the mountain  for processing and export led to the development of the small harbour at Amlwch into an important port.

This importance continued  even after the copper mine had stopped production. A ship repair and building industry with all the associated trades continued until the World War years.

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The Copper King

Thomas Williams born in Llanidan, Anglesey 1737 was

a complex character; tenacious lawyer and remarkable businessman.

Certainly he was a decisive man who could and did act quickly when he saw a business opportunity . When he died in 1802, 1,200 people were employed in his Parys and Mona mines, but five years later the number had dropped to 120. This owing partly to the collapse of copper prices, but also to the exhaustion (so it was said) of the known local copper deposits – but no doubt largely resulting from the death of the firm’s great driving force.
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The Lentin Letters

In March 1768 the “Great discovery” led to a vast reserve of copper ore being found at Amlwch. Many people were drawn to the Amlwch area incuding Michael Faraday and James Watt.

Another visitor was a German academic called Augustin Lentin who stayed for 6 years and studied the area’s copper industry which he described in great detail in a series of letters.  For the first time these have now been translated from the original German and gives first hand accounts of the copper industry in North Wales.
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Masts and Shafts

The Story of the Town and Port of Amlwch 1793-1913

Mastiau a Siafftiau/Masts and Shafts: Hanes Tref a Porthladd Amlwch 1793-1913/

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Ballad of Copper Ladies

In the 1890’s a mine worker called Owen Griffiths wrote a series of articles for a popular Welsh Magazine.

This illustrated booklet  based on the original article was recently produced for the Trust by J O Hughes a local historian. It tells the story of the “Copper Ladies” who worked on the mountain.

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