The Sail Loft

The Sail Loft

Unfortunately the maritime exhibition in the sail loft is currently closed (More info)

While in Amlwch harbour, you should visit the Sail Loft (built c.1870) which has an exhibition about the maritime history of the Port which developed to serve the needs of the copper industry.

Here you will see the sloped floor designed for the making of sails. Take your time seeing the crafts required to make and repair sailing ships in the Amlwch Boat Yard.

You can also experience the life and times of our harbour men and the boat builders through visiting our Maritime museum.

The Sail Loft

See if you can identify the legacy left by the Cornish miners and the dry dock where so many ships were launched.

Take a look at the animated projection of how the place would have looked and imagine the comings and goings of the people that worked either in the smelters or the seamen that loaded the cargo of copper ore, sulphur, and chemicals, into the boats in the harbour.

Whilst pondering and taking a step back in time have a look North out into the sea and you may be fortunate to spot land, the Isle of Man. You may even be lucky enough to see pods of dolphins passing by.

The Copper Kingdom, Sail Loft and Parys Mountain collectively provides an in-depth story of the location’s rich history of heritage, industrial turn around and lifestyles for years gone by.

This unique location is somewhere where you can relax over a coffee or light lunch whether that be alfresco taking in the sights or in our quaint café /bistro in the newly opened “Y Lofft” maritime cafe.